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Hello reader, here’s  the brand new background for my twitter profile.

After keeping the previous “All Smiles” background for over 30 months, it finally had to go and be replaced by something new. Taking hints from current trends on Minimalism, here’s a background for season of Winter. And I’m sticking with the display picture that is a ( 😀 ) laughter smiley indicating initials of my name.

Your feedback and likes will be highly appreciated.

Dec Twitter Background

Dec Twitter Background

This picture was taken on the Baga Beach, Goa during August 2012. We were here on a 3 Day Annual Meet of our Digital Advertising House. It was certain that this would become the coverpic until something new and refreshing strike into my mind.

Facebook Timeline Cover Page Aug

Another attempt to design the facebook timeline cover pic or cover photo as it is called on my own facebook timeline. The basic idea behind this design was to focus on eyes, my eyes. And as a saying goes, “You can fake a smile…but the moves of the pupil of one’s eye are not consciously controllable, therefore, looking in someone’s eyes will show you true feelings of that person.”

Facebook Timeline Cover Page May

Hello reader, here’s  the brand new background for my twitter profile.

My latest display picture is a ( 😀 ) laughter smiley. Closely look at it and you’ll realize that its actually initials of my name ( AD ). The idea behind this display pic is “I May Laugh”. I also deserve to be happy like anyone. Thus, for this background, i searched some amazing images which contained smileys in various ways. I designed a collage of these images and there it goes on my twitter page.

Your feedback and likes will be highly appreciated.

May Twitter Background

May Twitter Background


Thank you readers across the world for the 1000 Hits.

1000 Hits

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You read it right. Facebook timeline is something new and quite exciting way to present yourself in variety of ways. One such small attempt is made by me on my own facebook timeline cover page. The idea behind this design is to showcase some selected profile pictures I have kept on facebook ever since I joined it in 2008 in a chronological order.

My Profile Pics Collage

Facebook Timeline Cover Page

A wooden wallpaper with lighting and bump effects designed for the desktop. Looks pretty REAL huh!!

And a reflection of moon in the sea, again using some plugins and filter effects and brushes in photoshop for the desktop.

Both these creatives looked so amazing that i kept them as my desktop wallpaper one after the other for quite some time.

Woods wallpaper

The Wooden Wallpaper

moon reflection wallpaper

Moon Reflection

Check out similar wallpapers and 3D stuff on my Blog.

Hello visitor, here are few display pics, usually called by name profile pics, i designed for myself as well as few friends.

Your feedback and likes will be highly appreciated and you can contact me to make something unique for you as well.

Hello visitor, you are watching the brand new background for my twitter profile.

Based on the latest display picture i have designed to brand myself on various social networks and across web, it was highly required to update my twitter profile background. A little thought process, writing down few quotes and sipping through few mugs of coffee and I came up with the tagline  “Life On Standby” in simple typography.

Your feedback and likes will be highly appreciated.

July Twitter Background

July Twitter Background

Twitter is being naughty with me recently. After updating my profile picture, I clicked on profile tab to view what you can see for yourself below. Isn’t that funny! It is actually showing two profile pictures in tweets. The updated one is the first tweet.

Twitter profile

Funny Twitter Screenshot

Or maybe IE 9 is doing some mischief.