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Another attempt to design the facebook timeline cover pic or cover photo as it is called on my own facebook timeline. The basic idea behind this design was to focus on eyes, my eyes. And as a saying goes, “You can fake a smile…but the moves of the pupil of one’s eye are not consciously controllable, therefore, looking in someone’s eyes will show you true feelings of that person.”

Facebook Timeline Cover Page May


Hello reader, here’s  the brand new background for my twitter profile.

My latest display picture is a ( 😀 ) laughter smiley. Closely look at it and you’ll realize that its actually initials of my name ( AD ). The idea behind this display pic is “I May Laugh”. I also deserve to be happy like anyone. Thus, for this background, i searched some amazing images which contained smileys in various ways. I designed a collage of these images and there it goes on my twitter page.

Your feedback and likes will be highly appreciated.

May Twitter Background

May Twitter Background


Thank you readers across the world for the 1000 Hits.

1000 Hits

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